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By Nicolae Trofin

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Will Writers Hastings

Do you live in Hastings?  Do you need someone to help you write your Will, at home, for less than a local Solicitor might?  Call Nicolae Trofin, a Professional Will Writer who can visit you in your own home, to help you with your final instructions to your family, about your funeral and your wishes for your estate.

Writing their Will is something many people think of as an expensive and lengthy procedure and so put it off for far too long.  But getting your final wishes thought about and writing your Will out can be a simple matter.  It is not difficult to put your wishes down on paper but it is important to be clear about details to avoid family disputes and ensure that your wishes are respected.  

If you have a large family, or have been married more than once, it's important to protect your estate by making a Will.  To get your Will completed professionally, you don't have to visit a Solicitor in their offices, and many people choose to have the matter dealt with at home using the services of a skilled and experienced Will Writer in Hastings who is dedicated to this service, which is a great deal cheaper for them.

So, if you live in the Hastings area, a Professional Will Writer can visit you in your own home, at a time that is convenient, spend some time (roughly an hour or so) discussing your wishes and preferences, and then return, with your Will all ready to sign, soon afterwards.  

APS Legal & Associates is a recognised and trusted name in the Will Writing and Estate Planning profession and we offer a service that our clients find very convenient.  Nicolae Trofin from APS Legal Will Writers Hastings area offers you completely impartial advice for a reasonable cost.  So you will have an experienced service for Will writing in Hastings, tailored to your individual needs, but without the overheads that High Street solicitors and banks have to take into account.

Getting your Will written out, signed and sealed will be a weight off your mind, and a security for your family and estate in the future.

Meet with Professional Will Writers in Hastings at a time to suit you.

One of our Will Writers in Hastings will be happy to meet with you and discuss your final wishes at a time to suit you, and will have the time and knowledge to answer any questions you may have.

Our legal services are designed to be at the convenience of the client, and you are not tied to a visit during limited 'working' hours.  We treat every client with respect and give you the personal attention you deserve, from your first enquiry, and we can keep in touch, if you would like it, to manage any changes as the years go by.  

Your Will needs to take into account changes in your lifestyle such as marriage, children arriving, other family responsibilities or charities you may wish to benefit - all these things can cause your preferences to change over time.  Contact a local Will Writer in Hastings, to help you through this very personal process.

Don't leave Will writing until the last moment!

It's very important that you don't leave writing your Will until the last minute - because we never know what the future may bring.  Your family may be put to considerable difficulties and expense over proving what your wishes may have been, or whether you were actually capable of making a Will at the time, being 'of sound mind' and in full control of your faculties.  So don't put off until tomorrow what you could do today, contact us to make your Will and have peace of mind.

Contact your Will Writer Hastings area for a quick, confidential service

However, once that important job is done, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are not leaving your family a reason to worry at a time of grief, as they try to decide what your final wishes might have been or leaving the Government a tidy sum of money that you might have preferred to go to someone or something else.

Even decisions about your funeral, the type and way of celebrating it, can be decided at the time you make your Will.  You can stipulate what will happen to your property, your savings, your car, jewellery, even your pets and know that once you have signed, your wishes will have to be honoured.  Your Will writer in Hastings will be happy to help you think about these things, and also help you think about other issues and how to leave the proper instructions so that they cannot be contested.

Updating your Will - its important

Things change, so meeting the same person you have chosen to help write your Will and considering updating it every five years or so is an important issue for many people.  Less expensive than a Solicitor who offers many other services, your local Hastings Will writer is happy to visit you at a convenient time and place such as your home.  You may already know that, if you marry or divorce, any previous Wills will be revoked as will any previous Wills when you make the latest one, which is why it's important to lodge a copy in a safe place and make sure that your family know where to find it.  Putting a copy of your Will behind the clock on the mantlepiece used to be a favourite spot - but as we're not living in the 1950's any more a locked safe or secure cabinet in your home could be your preference.  Your Will Writer in Hastings will have an archiving service in secure storage plus you could lodge a copy at the Bank, or with your Executor.

If you make your Will, and change your mind later, periodic updates should be a simple matter by making a Codicil at a later date to be stored with your original Will.  A Codicil to your Will needs to be signed, witnessed and dated in the same manner. Just ask Nicolae Trofin, your Hastings Will writer for advice, as the amendments could be made over the phone, and then the final signing done at home. 

As well as our legal services for Will writing in Hastings, Nicolae Trofin from APS Will Writers also provides many other estate planning services such as Property Protective Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, Transfer of Property Ownership, Disabled Discretionary Trusts and many more.

So for a friendly, Will Writing service in Hastings, with no pressure, please call Nicolae on  Telephone: 01424 217871, Mobile: 0777 444 2318, Email: or use our CONTACT FORM HERE for a call back.

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