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By Nicolae Trofin

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Have you not made your Will yet?

When it comes to your Will, do you feel like you need some advice, have you been putting it off?  Don’t know who to leave your assets to?

At least if you’ve made your Will, you’re still free to change your mind.  

A Will can always be updated.  

But a Will cannot be backdated!

Making your Will ensures that, whatever happens, your personal wishes will have to be adhered to.  Nobody else will be making up their minds for you. 

Not everyone wants their goods and chattels to go to closer relatives.  You might indeed want to leave everything to your friends, a charity of your choice, or to a political party, found a scholarship, or other things to further the cause of good in the World.

If you don’t make a Will, your money could easily go to waste in legal fees and disbursements.  Those who should get it, won’t get as much, or nothing at all.

Making your Will is a very personal thing and so many people haven’t made a Will when they die.  You may think you don’t have much, but almost everyone wants to leave something special to those they love.  We cannot stress enough how much having a Will in place makes things simple and clear, even if you just want to leave a little, or a lot, making a Will and having it signed in the presence of witnesses saves the Government from coming in and cleaning out your bank accounts when they decide what’s happening to your property and money.

Have you been worrying about making your Will?  

If you haven’t made your Will, you will die "Intestate".  If you have any valuable property this can cause endless problems as the Court of Protection sort out your assets for your family.  It avoids family arguments and ensures that your money and property go to those you care about - which may not be the closest kin.

Would being able to talk things over with someone who is experienced at Will writing help you?

If you live in Bexhill, or the surrounding areas, and wish to make a Will simply and cheaply, there is now an alternative to using a Solicitor.  

A lot of people ’can’t find the time’ to see a Solicitor about making a Will.  Or they think it will be expensive, formal procedure.  

But it doesn’t have to be.

Thinking about what you would like, and covering all the vital points, is what our Will Writing Specialists are trained to do.

You may want to leave some money to your favourite charities, or a favourite friend who has helped you out, rather than a relative.  

You can make your Last Will and Testament in the comfort of your own home; you don’t have to take time out from work to visit Solicitors in office hours, because we come to you and unlike a solicitor, and we don’t charge you extra for doing so.  

If you live in Bexhill in Sussex call APS to have a local, professional Will writer visit you during your spare time, evenings/weekends at your convenience.

We will help you write you a Will that covers all your needs quickly and easily in the appropriate manner, print the Will and bring it back for you to sign. We offer you a swift and professional Will writing service in Bexhill and the surrounding areas at a competitive price; making the whole process of Will writing less stressful, and you will get your Will considerably cheaper and less stressful. 

Why do people not make a Will?

Making your Will is something many people put off doing for so many reasons. Some people put off the unpleasantness of thinking about their demise, might feel they are too busy to visit a solicitor, and worry about initial costs.  But if you are Will-less, you should really consider what might happen if you do nothing.  To be frank, death is the one absolute, the inevitable thing for all of us.  If you die without making a Will, your property and assets may be tied up for a very long time and family/dependants will be unable to gain access to vital funds or make decisions on what to do with your property for many months, perhaps years.  It will inflict worries housing or money worries on them at a time of grief and loss and do you really want that?

Why should I make a Will?

Perhaps you don’t like thinking about the inevitable or it seems as if it won’t matter anyway when you’ve gone.  But not making a Will just increases the misery for your loved ones and large chunks of your estate may go to people you don’t even know, like or trust leaving those you do care for (and who have cared for you), out in the cold.  If you run a business or have a complicated family set-up, it’s even more important to be clear about your final wishes.

Making a Will can save your family a lot of money.

If you leave instructions to divide and distribute your estate, you can avoid paying tax (if it is worth over £325,000 you will pay 40% in tax on the remainder.  You can plan ahead to make sure that no needless tax is paid).  Don’t just calculate the cost of your property, include any payout from insurances that may be triggered on your death so that the funds can be put into Trust if you need to and allow your family immediate access before Probate is finished. Contact our Will writers in Bexhill and make sure you have this covered.

Probate can get very costly without a Will

Naming your Executors to administer your estate at a sensitive time is very important. It’s vital to appoint someone you trust because otherwise whoever deals with your estate will be chosen without your input and this is decided in a strict order of priority. You may have good reasons for stipulating who is allowed to do this otherwise the job will go to your closest relative automatically, and you may feel they may not be the most responsible person or the most able especially at a time of grief.  If you haven’t appointed someone, relatives wrangling over who you might have wished to administer your estate could be expensive and time consuming or the job may go to a bank or a solicitor or the Court of Protection, which could be extremely expensive.

Don’t leave your affairs or your dependents, to chance

However old or young you are, if you have possessions, money, assets or property, or dependants that need care and protection, (human or animal) you can’t afford to leave things undone; you really should think seriously about making a Will, in the very near future, if not now.

The process of administering an estate and contacting all the banks, relatives, mortgage companies, insurance companies etc takes at least six months and usually longer.  Without a Will, the Court of Protection will take even longer to sort through your estate and your property will be divided according to a fixed schedule.  During this time bills or debts will remain unpaid, your house cannot be sold, your car will rot in the drive, your family may be unable to access your bank account to even pay the bills.  If you have remarried, children from your first marriage may be cut out of your estate altogether. Do you really want all that worry to accumulate on top of losing you?

Wills must be clear and accurate

It’s important that there are no mistakes in your Will as it is a legal document.  The Court – leading to delays in Probate, will question any lack of clarity about what is said.  For this reason you need someone who is skilled at Will writing to do it.  At the end of the day, a watertight Will is worth its weight in gold when it covers all the bases.  A few examples are described below:

Divorced couples – you may or may not want anything to go to your divorced partner, it’s best to clarify this by making a Will when you have separated.

Property – If you have a jointly owned property, your share of it will automatically go to the other owner.  Overseas property may be subject to different laws.  So it’s vital to stipulate what should happen.

Small Business – If you are a sole director in charge of your small business, and haven’t got a Will, your staff and bills won’t get paid, and the business may fail.

Your Funeral – Your wishes for your send off can be made clear in your Will. (If you want a ‘Viking’ funeral, or your ashes to be scattered in your favourite place, who’s going to know unless you say so)?

Pets – Pets are especially vulnerable if you die, and there is nobody specified to take care of them.  Would you want your dog, cat or horse to have an uncertain future in a rescue centre?  As with your children, do consider very carefully how you will provide for them.

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